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Our local retail map collection consists of 9 small guides (6 folded and 3 booklets) covering our local West Essex and suburban Redbridge towns.  Following the path of the Central Line railway, they cover all towns from Wanstead to Epping, plus Wanstead, Chigwell and Roding Valley too.

Our small folded maps are convenient DL size, are eye-catching and informative.  They’re NOT normal street maps!  Our maps show EVERY SINGLE shop and business in each area.  All shops are colour-coded by business type.  They provide the easiest way for visitors (and locals too) to find their way around – just by matching the shop name to the shop they are standing outside will give them an accurate location!  Its the easiest and most accurate way to find local shops and businesses – better than other maps which only show advertisers locations, or an arrow to the rough location of shops! There’s also full business listings (in type order) to aid look-up.  More up-to-date than Google Street View, and more eye-catching than other directories.

Our Buckhurst Hill map & guide is a handy A6 sized, luxury matt-laminated brochure, whereas both of our Brentwood and Loughton map & guides are shiny, gloss-laminated A5 landscape size.

We are bound to cover your West Essex town.  See individual map titles below for more information.

Colourful, illustrative, well-designed, practical and informative – encouraging people to shop locally.


Map Distribution

The best thing about our local retail maps is distribution.  We use the most reliable and trusted distribution network – Royal Mail.

A lot of other publications are delivered on an ad-hoc basis by freelancers, or just left in shops to be picked up by customers, or quote misleading ‘readership’ figures (multiplied by 2.5 or something!).

That’s why we’ve chosen Royal Mail – after all, their distribution is already set-up and happens six days a week.  Our maps will be delivered with the day’s post.  Royal Mail will deliver local maps to every single letterbox (home and business) in the relevant town/postcode area.  We use postcode sectors to determine delivery areas – so they are actually far larger than you may imagine.  For more information, see the links in the list below.

Further copies will also be dropped off at local businesses for visitors – or those living outside the postcode areas – to pick-up.

Better still, no one throws maps/guides away.  They don’t have the same “junk” stigma flyers do.  Your advert will not only be within a map which has guaranteed delivery, it will make it inside all local homes AND be read and retained for many, many months.  Now compare that with your last leaflet drop, or the “life” of the local newspaper or magazine…

Ensuring your business message reaches your potential customers, choose Anglian Publishing & Royal Mail.

Want to advertise to other local businesses?…

“ Fellow shop and business owners are also potential customers.  We are the ONLY publisher to deliver to ALL BUSINESSES – not just shops on the High Street, but also to industrial estates and business parks too.  Our Local Area Retail Maps are delivered by Royal Mail to all homes and businesses, however remote.”

Anglian Publishing B2B Statement.

Magazine Distribution

Local Area Maps Distribution

Brentwood Map: XXXX homes and businesses.

More details about Brentwood Map >

Buckhurst Hill Map: XXXX homes and businesses.

More details about Buckhurst Hill Map >

Chigwell Village Map: XXXX homes and businesses.

More details about Chigwell Village Map >

Debden Map: XXXX homes and businesses.

More details about Debden Map >

Epping & Theydon Bois Map: 10,491 homes and businesses.

More details about Epping & Theydon Bois Map >

Loughton Map: XXXX homes and businesses.

More details about Loughton Map >

South Woodford  Map: 8,719 homes and businesses.

More details about South Woodford Map >

Wanstead & Snaresbrook Map: 9,355 homes and businesses.

More details about Wanstead & Snaresbrook Map >

Woodford Green Map: 15,163 homes and businesses.

More details about Woodford Green Map >

Remember, we also drop off copies to local shops and businesses in each area.  This is particularly handy for those who live outside your town, so they don’t miss out.  Copies will be replenished throughout the duration of each map campaign.  See our advertising page for more information about how many maps are actually printed for each area.

An effective way to reach your potential customers…

“ People don’t ignore their post and are more likely to look through items delivered by their local Postie!  Plus, people rarely throw away maps – so your advert will be seen far longer and be retained for many months in homes, than with any other advertising medium.”

Door to door analysis.

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